Take Action

We need much greater oversight of how VicRoads manages our road network as it relates to remnant vegetation.

In the short term we need the roads minister, Luke Donnellan, to intervene and ensure all current plans for clearing of any scale are put on hold while there is a review to ensure that these works cause the least environmental damage. VicRoads should be required to prove that it has minimised the removal of vegetation in each case.

Over time we will also be looking at road management by other managers, including other government departments and local councils.

There is also the need to educate the broader community about the environmental values of many of our roadsides.

There will be action alerts posted here shortly.

2 Responses to Take Action

  1. David says:

    Please don’t remove these beautiful grand old trees!! The support the wildlife and help the air we breathe and cut down on glear, birds need them too.
    We should be teaching people about safe defensive driving to avoid as much as possible in the first place! We are and should be responsible for our own actions and not being wrapped up in cotton wool to protect us from being stupid! And stuff the world and everything else:( in Melbourne they have amazing big grand old trees in the middle of roads and around buildings and it looks amazing and softens the look or all the concrete and keeps it cooler.
    Please stop removing trees or vegetation and start replanting before we lose more!


  2. Alanna Burton says:

    I cannot believe in this day and age that government and councils are still taking out trees at an alarming rate. Have they not heard of global warming? Trees help provide the air we breathe, are homes to a myriad of fauna (and flora – including fungi which are the stuff of life themselves), keep the planet cooler by providing shade to cool the earth, keep the ground damper, shade and moisture from trees allows the growth of grass and other life, which in turn cools the earth and feeds flora and fauna, they just look good and make people happy (people dont just hug trees for no reason – they inspire this kind of action!), there are countless, endless reasons why we need trees – and yet, Vic Roads and local councils seem intent on destroying them and us along with them. Time for these old thinkers to move out and let some new, lateral, more aware thinking to move in. If you dont like the “the bush” – why are you here? Go and live in the suburbs where you belong and leave the beauty and peace to us. And Vic Roads should be ashamed of themselves. Time for a big shake-up there too. Time for all those “big men” with their “big toys” to get out and allow some real thinkers in to offer proper, workable solutions. Step out of your air-conditioned, city offices and get into the real world and SAVE OUR TREES!!!!!


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