Beautiful tree-lined road at Cathcart (near the Grampians) in VicRoads’ firing line.

35 – perhaps more – beautiful Redgums and Yellow Box trees at Cathcart on the Ararat- Hall’s Gap Rd are set to be cut out. The choice of trees to be destroyed seems random and illogical, and quite unnecessary.

VicRoads already  knows how to have Armco railing really close to trees- just close up the post spacing like this to reduce deflection in the case of an impact.

DSCF0138 (800x600)DSCF0139 (600x800)

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“Roadside Hazards” (AKA trees) to be removed across Victoria in a VicRoads’ war on the environment.

Pootilla roadside treesRoadside trees like these south of Pootilla on the Ballarat -Daylesford road are set to be removed as part of the TAC-funded “Towards Zero” “safety” campaign. (The exact location is unclear).

VicRoads is stepping up its campaign to remove what it euphemistically terms “Roadside Hazards,” in huge numbers around the State. Ordinary people of course value these “roadside trees”as being intrinsically important to the living environment. An article in the Ballarat Courier quotes the TAC’s new CEO as saying “while some fatalities were due to behaviour like speeding or drink driving, it was time to take a “more systemic view”. By which he presumably means the “systematic attempt to remove roadside trees.”

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Roadside trees at Cathcart to be removed by VicRoads?

VicRoads seem intent on removing the character of beautiful country roads, these days preferring to refer to trees using the engineered term “roadside obstacles.” Between 35 and 100 roadside trees which are mainly Yellow and Red Gums are in the firing line along the scenic route from Ararat to the Grampians. If safety is really the issue, why can’t VicRoads specify more sensible speed limits on picturesque country roads, rather than a full assault on the environment?

DSCF0011 (800x600) DSCF0015 (800x600)

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Duplication of the Princes Highway between Winchelsea and Colac

From Nicola Provan. The duplication of the Princes Highway in the section between Winchelsea and Colac  (38 km) involves the destruction of many kilometres of old roadside plantings, unless the public – no doubt up to now poorly informed, apart from a few dedicated individuals – stages ongoing protest!

Google pic 2010 winchelsea colac

Works are due to start as soon as approval under the Commonwealth’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) is granted. The focus of concern under the referral is loss of habitat for 2 endangered species: growling grass frog and hairy burrowing crayfish, which VicRoads manages to gloss over in the hope that the  the questionable “offsets” scheme will result in a quick approval. The vegetation remains a valuable asset for its amenity value, for higher productivity on surrounding farms and for sheltering and providing breeding sites for the many  birds and animals now living there. Is there no end to VicRoads’ disregard for the environment we live in?

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Due process questioned by Mayor and Council, VicRoads Horsham Bypass plan

Horsham Rural City Council is also encountering problems with VicRoads.

Horsham VicRoads problems Weekly Advertiser 19_08_15 (1)

Horsham residents have not necessarily identified environmental problems associated with the Horsham Bypass, but the underlying issues involved in dealing with VicRoads seem to be a common complaint. Read what the Mayor had to say:

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Princes Highway between Traralgon and Rosedale

Sue and Maurice 7Sue and Maurice 8

VicRoads has been cutting down thousands of large trees on the Princes Highway and nearby roads in Gippsland , citing “Safety.” Again, safety is important but it must be remembered that we share the planet with other species, and that we are all interdependent.

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Grubb Rd, Ocean Grove is a VicRoads Rd and therefore vulnerable

From John Bowman, Ocean Grove resident.

VicRoads owns the the roadside reserve and has drawings to eventually duplicate Grubb Road or build a bike track. In themselves these may not be bad things, but they shouldn’t be at the expense of the vegetation. Residents feel they are always on the back foot trying to protect the vegetation, including from other utilities. It is to be hoped that these photos taken from Grubb Rd will serve to protect the vegetation, and will not become “before” photos.


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