brought to public attention!

saveroadsidetrees fence sign2

A prominent, highly visible fence on Flemington Rd has been painted with a plea to the Premier Daniel Andrews.

“Daniel Andrews – no more tree killing – please.”

The sign also refers to this blog site – It’s putting the government on notice that the unprecedented attack on the environment by major projects in both city and country will have consequences.

saveroadsidetrees fence sign

It was unwise of Daniel Andrews and VicRoads to bulldoze through the huge amount of opposition from savvy inner city locals and conservation groups around the state including the National Trust, when he allowed the Lemon-Scented Gum to be summarily cut down last month (27th July)! The opportunity to demonstrate that the road lobby was not one of the most important lobby groups in the state was well and truly squandered.

Respecting communities and fabulous old trees that make Melbourne liveable are sadly not on the Premier’s agenda. (However, communities have long memories and these issues will be prominent at the next state election, where the Greens are eyeing off more inner city seats. How could the Premier forget the East-West link, and the actions there that contributed dramatically to his win?)

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