100 year old Lemon Scented Gum being removed on Flemington Rd, Melbourne

Many Melbourne groups, including the Friends of  Moonee Ponds Creek , the National Trust (which has listed the tree) and the Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport mourn the destruction of an  iconic 92 year old Lemon-scented Gum, and 5-6 others in Parkville. The combined might of the State Government, Vic Roads and Transurban have joined forces to demolish a much loved living treasure. Large old trees such as these are invaluable in built-up inner city areas, but their many benefits go unrecognised by money-driven authorities such as the three just mentioned.  Assigning a monetary value to all our trees could be a solution.

Flemington Rd Lemon Scented










The Chop Lemon Scented










Anna Lanigan remarked “I’ve known and loved these trees for half a century. Removing them is environmental vandalism.” A sentiment shared by many. Thanks to Anna for the photos.

A sad video of the chainsaws at work can be seen On the Flemington Association’s Facebook page.

Flemington Association video pic

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