Due process questioned by Mayor and Council, VicRoads Horsham Bypass plan

Horsham Rural City Council is also encountering problems with VicRoads.

Horsham VicRoads problems Weekly Advertiser 19_08_15 (1)

Horsham residents have not necessarily identified environmental problems associated with the Horsham Bypass, but the underlying issues involved in dealing with VicRoads seem to be a common complaint. Read what the Mayor had to say:

“The technical reports…contain factual errors and a lack of consistency. There is no real justification, rationale or background detail in the reports that gives me confidence VicRoads has the best option.

“I believe the community lacks confidence in VicRoads’ process, and it lacks good governance and is not very accountable…

“When we identify a flaw in the process, we need to raise that with the appropriate people, and that conversation clearly sits with the government of the day”.

Sound familiar?

[Horsham Rural City Council passed a motion to seek a meeting with the State Planning, Roads and Regional Development Ministers in relation to serious concerns about VicRoads and the Horsham Bypass. From the Weekly Advertiser, 19 Aug 2015.]

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