Grubb Rd, Ocean Grove is a VicRoads Rd and therefore vulnerable

From John Bowman, Ocean Grove resident.

VicRoads owns the the roadside reserve and has drawings to eventually duplicate Grubb Road or build a bike track. In themselves these may not be bad things, but they shouldn’t be at the expense of the vegetation. Residents feel they are always on the back foot trying to protect the vegetation, including from other utilities. It is to be hoped that these photos taken from Grubb Rd will serve to protect the vegetation, and will not become “before” photos.


IMG_3111  IMG_3152 IMG_3178 IMG_3181 IMG_3263IMG_3107

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1 Response to Grubb Rd, Ocean Grove is a VicRoads Rd and therefore vulnerable

  1. Sue Mckinnon says:

    It seems that the presence of beautiful trees which serve an essential environmental function is rarely a winning argument against any development. This has sadly always been the case, maybe one day this will change. When it does, the world will be turning a corner in the right direction and will start to run headlong into a better place. This website may be marking that corner.

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