Community disapproval unable to protect trees, Princes Highway near Traralgon, 2 years ago

VicRoads said that many “locations between Traralgon and Longwarry in Gippsland involved the ‘complete removal’ of all trees within median strips between traffic lanes.” From

roadside HAZARDS on roadworks near Traralgon

Quotes from the article, now becoming all-too-familiar around Victoria. Something must be done to rein in VicRoads’ enthusiasm for destruction of our natural heritage.


  • were not convinced removing the trees was the best response
  • asked why barriers could not instead be placed either side of the trees

  • asked why VicRoads was putting up barriers to stop vehicles hitting the trees… then they remove the trees
  • claimed new safety risks had emerged from a lack of screening to minimise the impact of oncoming vehicles’ high beams. They contend glare from oncoming traffic on the highway at night was now a “nightmare”
  • raised environmental concerns about impact of removing so many trees and what it might mean for wildlife using the small strips of land as corridors
  • claimed the project was “inherently expensive and ridiculous”, and said the vegetation had served a significant “safety function”
  • suggested wire barriers, installed widely, could cause more damage than trees in the event of a collision
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